Windmill View Allotment Planning Application

Clanfield Parish Council have recently submitted planning application 28889/046 for a change to the originally planned allotments, including additional parking, plots & sheds.

You can view the application, and the plans online here – as well as the facility to make comments supporting, or objecting to the application

2 Comment on "Windmill View Allotment Planning Application"

  • Not too happy about the entrance to the allotments as they will be constantly driving and parking outside my house. I picked this plot to be able to have no traffic out the front of my house so it’s safe for children and pets to play and enjoy the field. Would be best for the entrance to be from the top of the field.

  • I feel that even with the extra parking allocation it is not a sufficient amount for the amount of allotments specified, and feel the extra vehicles will adversely effect local residents who will have to tolerate non residents parking in an already over parked area.


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