WVRA Meeting Minutes 2nd November 2016

Windmill View Residents’ Association

Minutes of Public Meeting

Clanfield Memorial Hall

2nd November 2016 7.30 – 9.30pm

WVRA Committee:

John Stimpson – Chair (JSt)

Dean Cooper – Vice Chair (DC)

Steve Cluer – Neighbourhood Watch (SC)

Celeste Lovis – (CL)

Panel Guests:

Tracy Vear – EHDC Community Officer (TV)

May Warren – Gateway Facilities Manager (MW)

Christina Daly – Gateway Director (CD)

James Snelgar – Barratt David Wilson Technical Project Manager (JSn)

Alan Stanbrook – Neighbourhood Watch (AS)


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Welcome and Introductions

JSt welcomed all to the meeting, and each member of the Committee and Guest panel introduced themselves.


Minutes of the previous meeting held on 12/4/16 were agreed and approved


Matters Arising

Traffic Movement/Speed Data

JSt met with EHDC Traffic Management dept on 23/5/16 and following on from this meeting, speed monitoring equipment was installed in Endal Way and Whiteland Way in the week commencing 15th August. The statistical results have been supplied to the WVRA and will be available to view on the WVRA website:


The results show that there is not a speeding issue and the average vehicle speed is approx. 22-23mph, and only a very few cars exceed 30mph.

However, there are other hazards, particularly for children, on roads that do not have pavements, blind bends, poor parking etc, and JSt suggested that there could be a voluntary limit of 20mph on the unadopted (private) roads.

The development is also seen to be used as a cut-through resulting in a larger volume of traffic, and JSt stated that he could take a proposal to EHDC Traffic dept. for a 20mph voluntary speed restriction to also be implemented on the roads to be adopted by EHDC.

Jst asked for a show of hands from Residents for the proposal that action be taken to try to implement a 20mph voluntary speed limit on all roads throughout the development and this motion was carried.

JSt also stated that that he will request that EHDC Traffic look at road markings (lines) and signage such as give way and no entry signs.

There was discussion about poor/illegal parking by Residents who park on bends, block pathways etc, and what action can be taken to prevent this.

A resident requested that the issue of gritting of roads be pursued.

JSt advised that he has a follow-up meeting with EHDC Highways Dept in 4 weeks and will raise all issues as above.

The issue of the pedestrian footpath on Teglease Ave that is incorrectly used by cars was also raised by a Resident, and JSn was asked why bollards had not been installed, as shown on the Development plans.  JSn stated that he only became aware of this issue 2-3 weeks ago and he has spoken to the Contracts Mgr who is dealing with it.  JSn apologised that it has taken so long and he will follow-up to ensure that the bollards are installed with the next 4 weeks.




Public Health

Dog Fouling

JSt led the discussion of the problem of dog fouling on the development and dog walkers not picking-up and disposing of their dogs mess.  He has observed that this is often due to child dog-walkers who perhaps need more guidance from parents to clean up after their pets.

Residents complained about dogs being allowed to run free on the development and fouling on private land.

JSt stated that there are penalties and fines that can be enforced against a person in charge of a dog who does not clean up after it and suggested that the first step should be to deliver the EHDC Dog Fouling leaflet to all houses to raise awareness.  TV advised that she has leaflets with her to hand out and she will obtain a further supply for distribution.

There are 3 litter bins on the Estate and TV will see if she can get labels to stick on the bins to make it clear that they are for disposal of dog poo bags and not just litter.




Neighbourhood Watch

AS gave an overview of the aims of Neighbourhood Watch (NW) and how it has been established throughout the Windmill View Estate.  The Co-ordinators have 175 homes registered and would like to encourage the remaining 100 homes to also register.  AS asked anyone present who is not yet a member to see him after the meeting.

There are currently 14 NW signs around the Estate and AS asked anyone who feels there is a need for additional signs to advise him.

Pete Turner (PT), the Clanfield NW Co-Ordinator stated that WV is the most successful NW group and has the highest number of streets registered in Clanfield.  PT is a Police volunteer and a representative on the Hampshire and IOW NW Association which works with the Hampshire Police. The largest problem currently seen is cyber-crime and scams and the Assn issues guidance to raise awareness and works to protect vulnerable victims.

PT advised that concerns can be reported to Action Fraud and Trading Standards, and help and information can be found on the following websites:



PT said there are a lot of volunteer roles within Community Policing, such as Speedwatch.


Gateway Management

DC gave an overview of the roles of the Residents Association (RA) and Management Company (MC).  All home owners will have a share in the MC and can vote for the Directors – who will also be home owners.  Tenants do not have a share in the MC therefore one of the roles of the RA is to represent the views and interests of Tenants on the Estate. The Management Company cannot be established until the Estate has been completely handed over by the Developers.

DC referred to the map of the Estate that is colour coded to show the areas that will be the handed over to the Parish Council (in green and red) or adopted by EHDC (in pink).  The remaining communal areas will be owned by the MC (in blue).

The Developers have handed responsibility for the communal areas to Gateway to manage on their behalf, but they will not hand over to the Parish Council (PC) until the work on the Community Centre is completed, and EHDC will not adopt the roads until they are satisfied that all necessary work has been completed to a required specification and standard.

When the MC is established the Directors will appoint and employ a Managing Agent to maintain the Estate and collect the Service Charges.  The Service Charges are payable equally by all householders and are used for the maintenance, insurance, landscaping costs etc of the communal areas, plus a reserve is built up to pay for future one-off costs such as repairs to private roads.

Many Residents expressed strong concerns about the poor and inadequate maintenance of the landscaping and infrequent grass-cutting done by the Contractors employed by Gateway.   

A Resident asked for a show of hands in support of his proposal that there should be a vote to replace Gateway as Managing Agents at the earliest opportunity once the Management Company had been established.  A majority of the audience supported this proposal by a show of hands.

CD stated that Gateway can only be responsible for the maintenance of the communal areas shown in blue on the plan and apologised that she had not been fully aware of residents’ complaints and concerns due to the inadequate communication within Gateway management in the past, for which she apologised.  CD stated that residents can contact her, MW or any of the Gateway Managers and speak directly about their particular problems or concerns, and action will be taken to rectify the issue.  Contact details are on the Gateway website:


or phone 01702 443555/ 01702 443556

May Warren is the Gateway Facilities manager responsible for Windmill View and her email address is:


DC suggested that Residents mark the area on their copy of the Estate map with details of their particular issue or complaint, plus their contact details, and leave it or hand it to him at the end of the meeting.   Alternatively, these details can be sent directly online through the RA or Gateway websites.

Residents voiced complaints about the poor accounting procedures and apparent lack of transparency by Gateway. Some Residents have not received copies of the Gateway annual accounts and others have not been supplied with an account detailing their personal service charge liability, payments made, and an overall balance of their account since completing on their properties.   

Residents also requested fuller details of how the service charges have been spent/allocated and felt that this information had not been forthcoming from Gateway.

Many Residents were also very annoyed about the wording of letters

of demands for payment from Gateway which threatened Court Action and to contact Mortgage Lenders stating that the service charges were in arrears.

Statements had also been made by David Matika (Gateway Director/Manager) at previous RA meetings promising revised

statements would be sent to all Residents and that refunds of any overpaid service charges would be made, but this had not been done.

CD acknowledged that there had been problems within the Gateway Accounts Department and they are in the process of initiating improved system and procedures.  The Gateway accounts are produced in accordance with standard procedures and fuller details/receipts are not normally supplied.  If individual residents wish to ask for more information CD stated that it will be supplied.

CD apologised for statements made by DM which he had not followed-up on or made the other management in Gateway aware of.  DM is no longer working for Gateway.

CD and MW re-iterated that residents should not hesitate to contact them directly with any unresolved issues that they have.





Community Centre Update

JSn advised that the Contractors have nearly finished the internal fit-out and will be handing over the building to DWH shortly.  The MUGA and LEAP located at the side of the building are currently under construction and will be completed early in the New Year.  It is anticipated that the hand-over to the PC will be at the end of March 2017.  A resident asked if the car parking will be adequate and it is believed there are approx. 50 parking spaces in front of the building.

The Allotment site will also be handed over to the PC at the same time and the PC will be handed the funds to develop the allotments.

JSn confirmed that the PC will also have the funds to build the planned tennis courts.

A resident asked if the junior football pitch will also be marked out, and stated that the green is cut infrequently and that the grass is currently too long for the children’s Saturday morning organised games session to take place and this had to be moved to the allotment site which is better maintained.

JSn confirmed that the grass cutting is DWH responsibility until the green is handed over to the PC.  He stated that he thought the green had been cut recently and he would look into this and get the cutting done asap.

JSn also confirmed that the PC will be given the funds to develop the football pitch and put in the trees and landscaping as shown on the development plans.

TV stated that the PC will install the café and employ a manager to run the Community Centre (CC). The Parish Clerk is also compiling a list of clubs and individuals who have made enquiries about running activities in the CC.

A resident stated that he believes that the very bright exterior lights situated on the walls around the CC are excessive, and do not fall within planning requirements that there should be minimal light pollution due to the proximity to the Clanfield Observatory.  JSn stated that he would look into this issue.

DC stated that Cllr Ken Moon is standing down from the PC and is taking an active interest in the setting-up and running of the CC.






DC advised that the original plan was for 10 allotments and 6 car parking spaces, but the size of the individual allotments would have been too large and so revised planning was obtained for 26 smaller allotments and 9 parking spaces.  Further amended plans have been submitted requesting an increase to total of 12 parking spaces – 6 of these will be sited directly alongside the allotment fencing and accessed via a terra matting driveway leading from the road to the allotments.

The allotments will be surrounded by a 1.8mtr fence and a lockable gate.  There will be a communal building with 14 storage lockers and 12 identical sheds will be provided for the allotments furthest from the building. The site will be managed by an allotment association who will ensure that plot holders abide by the rules of their tenancy agreement.

Residents expressed concerns about the vehicular access to the allotments in front of housing; increased numbers of cars, obstruction and abuse of residents’ allocated parking spaces, and the dangers to children playing outside their homes and on the public open space.

It was suggested that cars could park on London Road and access the allotments from the rear of the site.  DC stated that his understanding is that the London Rd hedgerow is protected and the bank is too steep for vehicular access.  JSt suggested that a pedestrian pathway from cars parked on London Road may help.

JSt advised that there is a link on the WVRA website to the EHDC

planning Dept and objections to the plans can be made but must be posted online by Friday 4th November.

Travellers accessing the green off London Road

A resident stated that the issue of measures to prevent travellers from illegally parking caravans and vehicles on the green had been discussed previously and DWH had offered to build a bund around the green to prevent access but this had not been done.  DC stated that the PC had refused the offer but the PC is however looking at other options.

Tree planting on the Estate

A resident asked why all of the trees as shown on the Development plans had not been provided and planted.  JSn stated that he would look into this.

Christmas Carols around the Pond

DC advised that the annual Carols around the Pond in Old Clanfield would take place on 9th December at 7pm.  The PC may need help with stewarding and volunteers should contact Diane Duffy, the Parish Clerk.


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