WVRA Minutes of Public Meeting 7th Sept 2017

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Windmill View Residents’ Association Minutes of Public Meeting Clanfield Memorial Hall7th September 2017, 7.30 – 9.30pm

7th September 2017, 7.30 – 9.30pm

WVRA Committee:

Lynne Kiddle – Chair (LK)
Steve Cluer – Neighbourhood Watch (SC)

Celeste Lovis – (CL)
Jonathan Whitfield (JW)

Apologies for Absence:
Dean Cooper (DC)


Panel Guests:

Tracy Vear – EHDC Community Officer (TV)
Rebecca Probert – EHDC Community Officer (RP)
Olivia Carr – Radian Community Development Officer (OC) John

John Bannell – Parish Council (JB)



33 Residents attended the Meeting




Welcome and Introductions

LK welcomed all to the meeting, introduced each member of the Committee and Guest panel, and explained how the meeting would be run and that CL will take minutes that will be circulated to all residents by the end of September.

LK stated that we will not be reviewing Matters Arising from the previous minutes because it has been a long time since the last Residents meeting in November 2016 and most issues raised at that time have been dealt with, therefore we will start afresh with the issues and concerns currently raised by Residents.

Emma Kirby, Radian Housing Neighbourhood Officer and Brian Foster, Vice Chair of the Parish Council (PC), were also introduced from the audience.


New Committee Members

LK asked for volunteers to join the Windmill View Residents’ Association (WVRA) committee which would entail a commitment of approx. 2 hours per month. She explained that we are a community and we should work together to ensure we live in a development that we can all be proud of – it is up to all of us to get involved. LK advised that volunteers can also serve as Directors of the Windmill View Management Company (WVMC) when it is established.

LK asked interest volunteers to give their details at the end of the meeting.



Issues Raised by Residents

a) Glass on Lower Green

LK had received an email from a resident detailing an incident in which her dog’s paw had been badly cut on glass whilst on the front green of Windmill View (WV). This raises concern about other pets and children playing on the green and will be notified to the Developer for further action.

b) How is the relationship between the Estate and Gateway going to be managed going forward.

SC confirmed that the WVMC will not be established and have control until the handover of all communal areas by the Developers is completed. The WVMC will then have the authority to manage the WV directly and tender for services, continue with Gateway or appointment another Managing Agent.

SC referred to the map of the Estate that is colour coded to show the areas that will be the handed over to the PC or adopted by East Hants District Council (EHDC). The remaining communal areas will be owned by the WVMC. (Radian Housing Association will remain responsible for the Social Housing communal areas.)

The Developers have handed responsibility for maintenance of the communal areas to Gateway to manage on their behalf, but they will not hand over to the PC until the work on the Community Centre and other facilities is completed, and Hampshire County Council (HCC) will not adopt the roads until they are satisfied that all necessary work has been completed to a required specification and standard.

SC asked that Residents mark on the map provided any areas of concern relating to the hard landscaping and give details on the reverse. SC will take photos of the damage that needs repair. This is something that Gateway should have addressed and the snagging issues should be dealt with before the WVMC Directors take over.

A resident stated that he had injured himself on a loose manhole cover and that residents should be aware and check all manholes in or near their property. LK said she will pursue this issue with the Developer and Gateway.

c) Poor and intermittent maintenance of landscaping

CL stated that the grass cutting seems to be being done at fairly regular intervals but there are still problems with poor management of trees and shrubs. She referred to the map and feedback form, asking Residents to mark specific areas of concern and give details which can then be taken up with Gateway.

LK read out an email from MW, Gateway, Manager which stated that the grass cutting provision is twice per month, and the monthly cost is £1950. MW also stated that before the next budget she will go out to tender on this to see if a saving can be made as it is a significant annual cost.





d) Concern about the charges in Gateway Accounts, and lack of transparency and accountability.

SC confirmed that May Warren, Gateway Director, has been asked for a detailed breakdown of accounts but these have not been forthcoming. A resident suggested that these should be asked for under the Freedom of Information Act, and LK stated we would see if this can be done.

SC explained that part of the management charges paid by each household is legally required to be kept in a separate account as a sinking fund for WV to pay for any future repairs and liabilities in the areas that are managed by the WVMC.

A resident asked why the accounts show fees paid for the WVMC which is currently a dormant company. LK said she would ask Dean Cooper, Committee member, to look at this as he has the legal expertise.

e) Parking on Windmill View

SC stated that there is a shortage of parking generally and this is not helped by inconsiderate and illegal parking by Residents and visitors i.e. on footpaths and blocking access for parents with buggies and wheelchair users. SC stated that the Police will attend if notified of illegally parked cars.

SC gave detailed information about the legal position and said this would be published on the Neighbourhood Watch website. See Appendix 2

f) Cars Speeding on WV roads

Many residents have complained about speeding and reckless driving on the Estate, and some of this is due to non-resident drivers using the Estate as a cut-through. The Police have followed-up on complaints about 2 serial offenders and spoken to them.

If Residents see this type of driving, take the number plate and advise the NW co-ordinator who will give info to the Police. If a serious incident phone the police on101.

LK stated that in future, if funds are available, the WVRA/WVMC may be able to display advisory speed limit signs.

g) TegleaseGardensemergencyaccess

There have been frequent incidences of drivers cutting through Teglease Gardens and driving on the pedestrian path and grass, ignoring the bollards that have been placed to prevent access other than for emergency vehicles. The WVRA Committee requested that Gateway install wood bollards at the top and bottom of the grass area to prevent this in future and this has been agreed – see Appendix 1




Community Facilities Update

JB has lived on WV for 2 years and became a Parish Councillor in Dec 16. He is a Chartered Surveyor (now retired from professional practice) and a published children’s author. He has taken over the task of liaising with

EHDC and BDW to progress the transfer of the various community facilities into the ownership of the Parish Council and gave updates on progress.

  1. Sports/Community Centre.The long delays in completion have been due to the Developer and EHDC Planning trying to negotiate as opposed to enforcement action being taken, but a deadline has now been given for completion by 30/9/17 and it is hoped that handover will be soon after but no date set yet for opening. There is also remedial work to be done on the LEAP/MUGA by 30/9/17 and they will be open immediately on transfer to the PC – these facilities should not be used by the Residents until after the handover because the PC’s insurance will not commence unit it owns them.
  2. Security of Bottom and Top FieldThere will be a bund around both – approx. 76cm high to prevent any vehicles gaining access – the bund around the top field will not go across the frontage of the Radian houses or the access to the allotments. Planning consent to be obtained and work to be done immediately that is granted and the land has been handed over to the PC.
  3. LandscapingA hedge and trees to be planted around the bottom field with twoaccess points. This is due to be done by the Developer in November.
  4. Football PitchTV read out a statement from EHDC confirming that there will not be a football pitch on WV bottom field because it is considered to be too expensive to level the ground and there will be adequate provision with the football pitch on St James Place. A joint statement is to be issued to EHDC and the PC
  5. Fly Tipping Top FieldThe Developers had told JB that all will be removed next week
  6. Tennis CourtsThese are being provided by EHDC, not by the Developers. EDHC have funds and first meeting with the Contractor will be on 13/9. It will take approx. 10 weeks to complete installation. There will not be any flood lights.
  7. Allotments Top FieldPC will mark out plots, lay grass paths, install gates and expect the allotments to be ready for early 2018. The chain link fencing is no different from the type generally used on other allotment sites.
  8. Bowls Green and Sports Pavilion – St James Place
  9. The PC expect to take over Nov 17 and a draft lease has already beenprepared by the PC’s solicitors to be signed by the Trustees of the Bowls Club when they are appointed by the Club. The PC has negotiated the release of extra land with this first handover from BDW at St James Place to enable an overflow car park (approx. 20 more car park spaces) to be formed subject to planning permission. The building’s design and layout has not provided sufficient storage space for bowls club equipment and various possibilities are being considered.

10. Crimea Barn

The PC hope to take over around 31/10 and restore in stages. Proposed to have an office for the Parish Clerk, a museum and commercial space to let. A Project Manager is to be instructed.

Brian Foster thanked JB for all the work he has done to gain the progress to date for the completion of the community facilities.


EHDC – Adoption of Roads by Hampshire County Council

RP advised that EHDC have no control over this but she has obtained confirmation from Jo Murphy, Principle Engineer, HCC Highways that:

a) There is no timescale for adoption and that there are a number of issues that are outside of their control but they are working closely with the Developer.

b) The responsibility for maintaining the roads remains with the Developer until they are adopted.

c) The internal layout of the roads on WV was designed for a 20mph speed limit but not to have speed limit signs. There will be a stage 3 audit undertaken and the speed limit issue will be reviewed then if needed. It is expected that motorists will drive in a manner appropriate to the slow speed limit environment they are in.

A resident stated that there are no road markings for right of way and it is dangerous for motorists and pedestrians. It should be a priority for road markings to be done. LK stated that the WVRA will try to pursue.



Radian Housing Association Update

OC outlined her role to support tenants through consultation and various activities and EK deals with tenant issues.

OC introduced Lynne Kiddle as the Radian Community Champion for Windmill View.

OC confirmed that there are funds available that could help the community development on WV and as a community group WVRA can apply i.e.

Improvement grants
Grants for young people up to 18 years Community safety grants

A resident stated that some of the Radian properties have very poorly maintained gardens – EK can pursue this if supplied with information.

A resident asked about the repairs to the house rammed by a digger – OC advised that the Police are d/w and she can give no other information, but the Insurers have tendered for repairs and they should be done soon.


Neighbourhood Watch Update

SC stated 211 of WV households are members of NW. If not receiving regular NW bulletins let SC know. Approx. 35 households are still to be canvassed.

Bogus cold calling canvassers had been on WV – SC will put advice on NW Facebook page



LK Invited Questions

  1. The London Road footpaths are in very poor state of repair for pedestrian access to WV. TV advised that road and footpath repairs can be reported on HCC website.
  2. Will the 50 speed limit on Chalton Lane be changed? TV advised there will be a new phased speed limit reducing 50/40/30 up to St James Place.
  3. Could the car access to the allotments be from London Road. JB advised that it was not feasible due to the higher level of the ground on London Road and the hedging.
  4. The area at the dead-end of London Road is used inappropriately i.e. as a toilet, parking campervan overnight – can it be blocked off. TV advised to report issues to HCC on website.
  5. The hedge along Beckless Ave is unsightly – who is responsible to trim it? SC to raise with Gateway.
  6. BT does not have enough capacity in cabinets on WV to supply fast broadband to some households – what can be done? JB stated PC should take-up this as an issue – the PC have made representations to BT in the past. Also, advised to write to MP.



Appendix 1

Email from May Warren received 30/8/17:

Generally speaking I am always conscious of the fact that I am responsible for funds that 275 households contribute towards and from time to time we have to make a judgement as to whether a request for works are for the benefit of one household or the wider community. In the case of the bollards there is no doubt that it will benefit the community but I think it would be useful to have a protocol in place for any future maintenance requests that are out of the ordinary. Would you be willing to offer a second opinion on behalf of the RA from time to time?

With regard to the service charge it is important to distinguish ‘Gateway’ charges from ‘Management Company’ charges. Gateway charges are our management fee which is £50 + VAT per household, £6 postage and £6 bank charges. The following charges cover the management company obligations for providing public liability insurance, producing service charge accounts and filing dormant accounts for the limited company, providing Director’s & Officer’s insurance which protects the Directors against personal liability (eventually this of course will be Resident Directors), carrying out an annual Health & Safety inspection and for the supply of electricity on the managed areas. We haven’t yet received a bill for electricity but accrue the provision so that the funds are available when the developers transfer the supply into the name of the management company.

The gardening provision is twice per month, the monthly cost is £1950 inc VAT, the sum demanded on the service charge is exactly x12 the monthly cost. Before the next budget I will go out to tender on this to see if a saving can be made as it is a significant annual cost.

This leaves a provision for sundry minor repairs, the requirement to supply and fit the bollards would come under this heading, and a provision for a reserve fund which is for the future benefit of the development. It always prudent to have a sum available in the event of any large expense arising once the development has been handed over, such as drains work, lighting repairs, groundworks etc.


Appendix 2
1) The TP1 Land Registry documents that all owners signed contain the following;

’Not to obstruct the Estate Roads, the Maintained Property Reciprocal Rights of Way, forecourts and footpaths and not to allow oil or any other material to accumulate thereon and not to do or suffer thereon anything which maybe or become a nuisance or annoyance to the owners or occupiers of any adjoining or neighbouring property’

‘Not to allow any vehicle having an un-laden weight in excess of 2.25 tonnes to be parked on the Property or any part of the Estate’

2) The Police have the power to have a vehicle removed that is causing an obstruction i.e. if a double buggy or wheelchair could not get past on the pavement or if the vehicle was blocking the road completely.

3) Emergency service vehicles have to gain access to respond to call out issues and have the right to move vehicles if they are blocking access.



Useful Contact Information


Clanfield Parish Council www.clanfieldparishcouncil.org.uk clanfieldpc@virginmedia.com


Radian www.radian.co.uk radiandirect@radian.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/RadianCommunity/

0300 123 1 567 / 07764 309062

Gateway Property Management
Tel: 01702 443 555 Website: www.gatewayplc.co.uk – complete contact form

East Hants District Council www.easthants.gov.uk 01730 266551 https://www.facebook.com/EastHampshireDistrictCouncil/ 

Windmill View Residents Association Website: www.windmill-view.co.uk Email: contact@windmill-view.co.uk

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