WVRA Constitution

Windmill View Residents’ Association Constitution





The Residents’ Association will need to have a constitution (a framework of guidelines) so that everybody knows what its aims and objectives are and how it is going to achieve them.  Below is a proposed constitution for the Windmill View residents.



  • NAME



The name of the group shall be Windmill View Residents’ Association.






The object of the group shall be to promote and protect the interests of the residents living in Windmill View.






  1. Membership shall be open to any person who is resident in the development known as “Windmill View”, Clanfield covered by the group and who is aged 16 years or older.  


  1. Membership shall also be open to any person who, although not resident in the Windmill View development, is the freehold registered proprietor of a single dwellinghouse situate on the Windmill View development and who is aged 16 years or older.






Voting shall be on a ‘per dwellinghouse’ basis.  For the avoidance of doubt, each dwellinghouse situate on the Windmill View development shall be entitled to one single vote, regardless of how many members reside in the said dwellinghouse.  






It is recommended that there shall be no annual subscriptions in 2015/2016. This arrangement to be reviewed and agreed annually at the Annual General Meeting.






Members of the group shall seek to actively represent the needs of the whole community and must not discriminate on the grounds of nationality, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.






  1. At the Annual General Meeting members shall elect a committee. The committee is responsible for the management of the group.


  1. The committee will be made up of the following members; Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Chairman and General Members. A total of 9 people including the Chair.


  1. Nominations will be put forward for the Committee no later than 14 days before the election. The Committee will be elected by means of a confidential ballot.  All members will have one vote and can use a vote by proxy. All members must attend at least 2 meetings per annum.


  1. All elected members of the Committee shall have one vote.


  1. As and when any vacancy arises, the Committee shall have the power to fill it amongst their General Members.


  1. The Committee may form sub-groups to deal with specific issues, but these must report to the Committee with recommendations.


  1. The Committee shall meet no fewer than 3 times a year.


  1. Minutes shall be taken of Committee meetings and shall be available to all Members.






  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held every February, at which the following items will be included as agenda items:
    • Annual Report from the Committee
    • Statement of Accounts
    • Election of Committee
    • Amendments to the Constitution


  1. The committee will notify all members via email of the date no later than 14 days before the AGM.






  1. In addition to the Annual General Meeting the Committee will call at least 2 meetings per year if required, which all members of the group may attend.


  1. All general meetings shall be advertised to members at least five days in advance.






No General, Special General or Annual General Meeting shall take place if fewer than a quarter of the members are present, subject to there being a minimum of 3 members being present.






  1. The Constitution of the group may be altered at the AGM.


  1. Any suggested changes must be handed to the Secretary 14 days before the AGM.


  1. Changes to the Constitution must be agreed by two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.






  1. All monies raised by or on behalf of the group shall be applied to further the objects and aims of the group and for no other purpose.


  1. The Treasurer shall open a bank/building society account in the name of The Windmill View Residents Association.
  2. The Treasurer shall keep a proper account of the income and expenditure of the association.
  3. Two cheque signatories shall be nominated by the Committee (one to be the Treasurer.)
  4. Any expenditure over £50 shall be authorised by the Committee at meetings.
  5. The Treasurer shall submit the accounts for annual audit to an independent body, such body to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.






  1. The Association may only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose and advertised fourteen days before the meeting to all members.


  1. At least 3 of the members present at the meeting must agree to the dissolution.


  1. Any remaining funds and possessions of the Association shall be donated to a charity or charities of the meetings choice.






  1. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings. Members shall be excluded if they contravene the aims of the association, use abusive language and/or violent behaviour.


  1. The Chair shall have a second, or casting vote, in the event of a resolution at any meetings being held.




This, the constitution of the Windmill View Residents’ Association, has been adopted by the members the date shown below.


CHAIRMAN ………………………………. Date ………………………..


SECRETARY ………………….…………. Date ………………………..