FAQ & Maps


Why is there a Management Company?

Traditionally, all roads, footpaths, drains, open space etc forming part of a new housing development were adopted by the various public authorities. This is no longer the case, and in order to get planning permission for the development, the developers will have had to agree to form a management company to maintain those roads, drains and communal landscaped areas that will not be transferred to, or adopted by, the public authorities – hence, the formation of Windmill View (Clanfield) Management Company Limited.


Who Controls the Management Company?

Currently, it is a dormant company effectively controlled by the developers. In due course, the Directors will be residents of the Estate but that is still some way off as the developers will not wish to relinquish control until all those parts of the site which are to be transferred to, or adopted by, public authorities have been so transferred or adopted.

Eventually, the Directors of Windmill View (Clanfield) Management Company Limited will be elected from those residents who have a share in the company. The WVRA will be able to put forward residents’ views on topical issues but it will not be in control of the management company.


Who are Gateway?

They are the Managing Agents who have been appointed by the developers. The terms of their current appointment are currently unknown but it can be expected that the new Directors, when elected, will be able to review the agency appointment and may be expected to do so, in any event, from time to time.


What does the Management Company Manage?

All the private (not to be adopted) roads, the SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system) and pockets of landscaping.

The management company does not, and never will, manage the Community Centre and its adjacent field or any part of the top field. Those areas, for which the developers are still responsible, will eventually be transferred to Clanfield Parish Council.


Why do we pay a Service Charge?

We do so for three basic reasons:

  • Routine maintenance –  landscaping, private roads (e.g. weed treatment) and drainage (e.g. clearance of any blockages that occur etc).

  • Renewals – eventually road surfaces and drains may well need substantial repair or renewal. The reserve (sinking) fund which forms part of the service charge is to try to prevent us all from the shock of receiving a very large and unwelcome bill at some future date.

  • The employment of Managing Agents, the payment of insurance premiums Insurances (e.g. public liability in relation to any occurrence on management company land) and, in due course, the administration of the management company.


The WVRA are currently seeking to have a large scale plan printed out indicating those areas which are the responsibility of (a) the Management Company, (b) Clanfield Parish Council and (c) Radian to display at the next public meeting on the 2nd November.